Bathroom Renovation Experience - Part 1 (Buying my First Home)

The one thing I knew I wanted and needed to do when I first looked around the property was to renovate the bathroom. The old one I'm sure would have been functional, but it was dated and tiles were falling off. I also didn't love the layout, and I desperately wanted a towel radiator. I also knew I wanted an L or P shaped shower and a mirror above the sink, because I'd had 2 years without the latter and really missed it. 

I was umming and ahhing about the layout for a little while. Originally, the bath was along the right wall, the sink next to the door and a small radiator below the window. My first plan was to keep the bath in the same position but with an L shape, with the towel radiator next to it. I was then going to move the sink to where the toilet is and move the toilet to under the window. Because I wanted an L shaped shower, this would have meant that the toilet would almost be in the way of getting in and out easily and I would want it under the window, rather than centralised which would make it very close.

I didn't really have a clue about what I wanted inside or the style, so I went to lots of bathroom shops and showrooms for inspiration. My favourite was Easy Bathrooms and Clifton Trade Bathrooms. I quickly decided I wanted a pretty plan white suite, with grey tiles and black finishes around. 

I also ordered a bunch of tiles online as free samples. I decided I quite liked the marble effect, but I wanted it to be a soft marble, so it didn't have obvious lines I would want matching up. My sister has recently renovated her loft and added a en-suite, so she suggested Mandarin Stone. I absolutely loved both the samples I received, but they were a little on the pricier side, and also they were above average thickness, which although great for quality, not so great for a small bathroom. I tried a budget option with Porcelain Superstore but wasn't a fan of the quality. I liked the idea of have the shower on a feature wall but the contrast in person didn't appeal. Finally, I ordered a sample of the tile I fell in love with in store at Easy Bathrooms and it really was lovely so I chose that tile! 

Whilst in bed one night, I had a vision of the bath turned on the back wall and fell in love with the design. It also meant that the toilet didn't have to be moved, which would have hopefully reduced the cost. Sadly, it didn't but I still loved how much more open it made the space feel. Read the rest of the story here