Room Tour: Master Bedroom (Buying my First Home)

My master bedroom has been the most expensive room to complete and I am still a little in shock that I decided to spend so much money, but I truly do think it is worth it. In the blog post from Monday, I went into a little more detail but basically, the original plan was to buy IKEA PAX storage units and build them in. I had obviously planned on this room being a room for both myself and Luke (my now ex-boyfriend). I knew we needed storage for two, but I also wanted beauty and simplicity, without being two feminine. I quickly fell in love with the colour green and after seeing the decor pieces which I already owned, I decided to go for gold accents. Other than that, the room was basically free to design as I pleased as I had no other furniture already. I painted just the wall the bed was against a deep forest green. 

After looking into companies to build in the IKEA PAX units, because I knew I wouldn't be able to do it myself, I decided that it was almost just as much to go through Sharps or Hammonds so that's the path I went down. I shared my full experience here. I organised the meetings the day I got the keys and then ordered the furniture in the first couple of days. My bed arrived shortly afterwards. I was originally doing panelling on the wall behind the bed, but I decided to go for panelling on the wardrobes, so instead switched the bed to a divan bed for better storage. I absolutely love all the furniture. The whole Hammond's process was so easy and the fitting is practically perfect in everywhere. I can't believe the skill involved to get it cut exactly to the skirting, wall and cornice. 

The items that I already had included a Duke of Edinburgh Award photo frame and professional pictures, the gold initial coaster which I got as a Christmas present one year and the 5 piece greenery artwork. I would absolutely love to add a few extra pieces, but for now I really like the simple space. One thing I am asking for, for Christmas is a gold wire word quote to go above the bed. Perhaps something that says "Let's Stay in Bed". 

The majority, if not all the accessories are from Dunelm. I used my old mattress and bedding, but got fresh sheets from Amazon. I fell in love with the tree print curtains, so bought the matching cushions and then tied in an accent cushion with the carpet colour. As I work night shifts, I also wanted a blackout blind for extra darkness. I actually wouldn't recommend this blind because the fabric makes it look really messy and edges jagged after cutting to size. Plus, of course with the cost of electricity and heating, I added a soft Teddy Bear blanket too. Next to the chest of drawers, I added a dressing table chair in green and gold, with crushed velvet. The final new bits were the large green and gold lampshade and two lamps. I honestly really wanted gold ones but I couldn't find any anywhere. I fell in love with perfect lamp shades on silver lamps, so I bought the cheapest pair I could find and then plan to keep a look out for a gold pair. I actually don't dislike them so for now, they will defintely suffice. 

What do you think? I absolutely love the whole room and the fact I now have a beautiful boudoir to sleep in, has made going to bed a true dream come true.