Night Shifts, Western Power and Utility Renovations!

It was a busy couple of days as the utility room transformation begins, starting with the electrics.

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

I finished my three nights and despite being at work, I really enjoyed myself. I was originally rostered on for 3 labour suite shifts, but was contacted beforehand to move to the antenatal ward for one and the maternity advice line for another, so I ended up having a lovely and very varied week. It also gave me time to do some admin for work as I hadn't realised I was due an IPR, which is like an appraisal and wanted to apply for some flexible working, to help me to interact more so with my Masters programme. 

After my last one, I had to stay up and await the team to start the excavation process. I had thought they were also doing most of the work, but this wasn't the case. I ended up getting myself a Costa takeaway on the way back and getting into pyjamas. It was so cold, the temperature has defintely suddenly dropped, but my goal is (or was probably by the time this goes live) to wait until October. I wore not only three layers but also got a hot water bottle for the first time. The digging team arrived almost 2 hours late, just before 10am, but it only took them just over half an hour to complete so I then went to sleep and slept in until 3pm, which was really quite nice. 

The next day, I got up and dressed, again ready for 8am to let the men in to do the service adjustment, but they didn't arrive until gone 9am which was frustrating. Whilst they were doing their work, I had planned to do some university work but hadn't considered that I would have no WiFi with the power being off. I'll share more about the process in a later post, but let's just say, it is definetly not worth the money! There were two of them present, but I am sure one was a trainee, and they were finished within 2 hours. 

The the electrician arrived, with a colleague. They were both really nice. It took a while for them to reconnect the supply because I was getting a few other things done at the same time. I wanted the RCD board moving to the ceiling so this was moved first, needing part of the wall taken out and replacing, before reconnecting. They also removed other wires and bits around the house, moved two plug sockets and put in 5 spotlights for me, so all the electrics in the house are now pretty much done which is nice. 

Whilst, they were busy inside, I started organising the garage. The previous owners left two massive storage items in the garage but they are horrible. One is an old wardrobe and the other is an old kids storage unit. I have listed them both on Facebook Marketplace but I think I'll end up taking them to the tip instead as no one seems interested in the moment. I wish I'd have taken a before and after, but I forgot. It looked great before I put all the utility room items back inside, and then it just looked cluttered and messy again, but hey ho, it is what it is. 

The next day, the driveway got finished. They did end up coming back later on the previous day but a number of the bricks were damaged, so they had to come back to replace them all. They're slightly mismatched in colour but I haven't seen them properly yet because there was a lot of sand on them and then a lot of rain. I spent most of the day inside, chilling in pyjamas whilst doing some Masters work online and catching up on the recorded plenary sessions. I am almost up to date now, but still need to do a little more reading.