Silk Pillowcase (Review)

I have talked about the benefits of silk pillowcases multiple times over the years and although I love the thought of them, I haven't fallen in love with the use of a brand just yet. Well, I was recently gifted these simple white silk pillowcases from the ever imaginative Calidad Home company. I was gifted this set in exchange for an honest review and simply put, I love them! 

The package is simple and basic, this isn't a luxury company but it makes them affordable and a great option for those wanting to try silk pillowcases for the first time. Each pillowcase came in a little plastic sachet, wrapped in tissue paper. I also love that it came with an easy to read care guide. They have a few different options and I chose the 22 Momme Silk option in white. I chose white so that I could then alternate the bedding set, without it not being able to match. I did consider the green or grey option but played it safe, so that variations in colour didn't clash! 

In comparison with other similar companies, shipping is from the UK and products usually arrive within a couple of days. They also have a 90 day return policy which is a great option if you like to try before you are committed to buy. 

One of my least favourite things about silk pillowcases is that they are cold and take ages to warm up. These ones are different. Instead of being cool to the touch, they stay room temperature and I find them so easy to fall asleep. They feel like soft silk and are truly beautiful. I've found they don't crease easily and don't need ironing. Also, I feel like my skin has genuinely improved. I've recently come off the pill and despite a small breakout and all the hormones returning, I've not had anything major and nothing since the first week! I defintely thank this pillowcase for some of that. 

Without a doubt, when I replace the current pair, I will be heading back towards this company because I just prefer this pillowcase so much more than my last set! They have also ventured into other products, including silk scrunchies and eye masks. Plus, the hooded blankets which look truly dreamy. Let me know if you've tried silk products before and if you still haven't, be sure to treat yourself to a pair of these for Christmas. Add it to your wish list because they have the most gorgeous gift box sets, including collaborating with other well known businesses as well like Hotel Chocolate and Lily Flame (one of my favourite candle companies!).