Surprising Grandma, Puppies Attack and Bumble Dates!

I headed to Wakefield for the weekend, celebrated with family and even had a couple of first dates! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

After picking up where the last vlog ended, I got dressed and ready for the afternoon to head to Wakefield. It was so lovely on the drive up and seeing all the fall leaf colours starting to come out was beautiful. In Nottingham, everything still seems so green! I'd forgotten that my mum was away at the weekend, so instead I surprised my Grandma, who was asleep in the conservatory, then went searching for the puppies who ran at me with all the cuddles. It also turned out to be Floki's first birthday!

Unlike our previous dogs who weren't allowed in the house really, these dogs are so spoilt and allowed truly everywhere. I still can't believe it myself but it's fun to watch. Jess and I had a chilled afternoon and evening. We watched the entire series of Uncoupled, enjoyed a Chinese takeaway and then relaxed in the hot tub. 

The next day, we headed to town for a lovely meal with the family as a mini Baby Shower for my cousin. She wanted it as more of a pre-baby celebration, but it was still lovely and the food was delicious. No one wanted dessert so I got a takeaway and then ate it at my aunts house, whilst they got coffees and teas. 

Before driving back to Nottingham, I dropped Jess off at the farm to be surprised with my mum who was back early from her weekend away. As a team we quickly loaded the car with all the Christmas and Halloween decorations and some additional bedding bits, then I drove back. It was honestly the nicest drive in months...I was back in just over an hour! 

After a long day shift, I spent the next day finishing transferring everything from my "dressing room" to the newly furnished master bedroom. I reorganised the cupboard over the stairs and managed to move some of the decor around to turn the dressing room back into a spare bedroom. It's so similar to my old master bedroom, but a little warmer with the comfy carpet and colour pop on the wall. Full details coming soon! 

The afternoon consisted on my first, first date in 3 and a half years. It felt very strange but I weirdly wasn't nervous at all. I didn't even have butterflies. I met C at Attenborough Nature Reserve and we went for a lovely walk around the grounds, especially to places I hadn't been before. I hadn't realised how many routes there were along the way. We chose the perfect weather for it. It was fairly mild and beautiful and sunny, with clear blue sky and candyfloss clouds. The conversation was perfect, he was so much more handsome than I expected and despite not feeling the instant connection, it went well. He asked me out for a second date, just a few hours later. 

The next day, I did some masters work during the day and tried to catch up on some life admin, before getting ready for another date, this time with J. We went for a fancy meal at Piccolino. I was shocked at how noisy and busy it was. Honestly, the meal itself wasn't great and the food was only just edible. J was really nice though, the conversation flowed and there was defintely more connection there, however I feel like I held back. He was a lot shorter than he had put I'm sure, but height has never particularly been a problem for me, but definitely shorter than me so our kids would be truly screwed! The main concern for me is that he lives in Derby and doesn't drive so it would be a case of public transport or me driving and I'm not sure I can do another distant relationship. He did surprise me by paying for our meal though which felt amazing. I've never been treated to a meal on a date before so it made me feel very special. 

We will see where this dating life goes. So far, so good, and no horror stories to share just yet. Have I ever shared my first ever first date story?