Sorting the Electrics in the House

Continuing with the utility room project, once the meters and supply for the electricity was moved outside. I was left without any electricity. I arranged for an electrician to come in shortly after the work was completed, to reconnect the supply. When he came to quote, I said that that was the priority but if able to complete other work on the same, I also needed and wanted that to be completed. 

In the utility room, I wanted my RCD board updating to a modern one, as the one I had was ancient, moving out of the cupboard. I also wanted the single drop light, switching to 5 spotlight lights. I had considered switching them to two separate power sources for what will eventually be the downstairs toilet and utility room, but decided it wouldn't make much difference overall and added quite a significant amount of additional work. I also got a plug socket moved, a plug socket replacing, the power supple to the boiler moving and additional wires removed in both my hallway and for an old, no longer working alarm that was live and unsafe. 
I was really happy with all the work, expect for the RCD board position but I didn't realise until it was too late, which was a shame. The spotlights look great and are super bright and the RCD is now clear and I understand exactly how to use it.