Fabstract UK Air Freshener (Review)

I have been so obsessed with Fabstract UK for so long, having first found them on TikTok. The small business is run by a gorgeous lady who hand paints little plant pots in a range of different designs. Since first starting, the product range has expanded from air fresheners to car versions, mini versions for keyrings and now bookmarks! I can't wait to see what else she creates. 

The product came in a lovely box with fancy pretty tape on the outside. When opened up, the top of the box had the beautiful quote card that doubled as a thank you card. I love that I can reuse this and put it in my bedroom, as it matches my colour scheme perfectly. 
It came in a beautiful branded packaging. I was originally worried the plant pot itself, as it's ceramic, may break. But this was also wrapped separately in protective film and tissue paper. It was also on a bed of shredded tissue paper. Then the macramé hanger was put in a separate little gift bag. 
I had been swooning over these products for months and months. I'd tried multiple times to try and buy before, but with evening releases on Friday nights, I often missed them because I was working. Plus, they sell out in literally seconds! Currently, the sales are all through weekly releases on Etsy, but she will shortly be moving to more pre-made products and sold through her personal website. In the end, I entered a mini competition to gain early access and have a small discount, and grabbed one whilst I could! 

There are lots of designs to choose from with 11 different designs, all in multiple colours. Plus, 5 different scents so you can defintely pick your favourites. The latest design addition is the monostera collection, which I also love just for simplicity. 
I personally chose a design that matched my bedroom. I originally wanted to get one for the lounge (Looking Sharp) but sadly, the scent that I wanted (Bloomin' Breeze) was out of stock so I decided to wait. The design I chose in the end was called Rooting for You, with Ruby Rose as the scent. I absolutely love it and it fits perfectly on my third wardrobe door which I rarely use. Unfortunately, the plant pot doesn't sit perfectly in the macramé hanger, but I messaged the creator and she said sometimes the knots just don't fall in the perfect places. I actually don't mind too much, because it means the plant is more so on display. 

The product itself is really well made, and the plant pot is obviously hand painted but really well executed. The fake plant and scent are both very secure. I love it, but I would say, the fake plant is not very realistic at all. In fact, it doesn't bother me too much, but it is possibly the worse fake plant I have ever seen. 
Finally, the last thing to talk about is the goddam cutest thank you card ever! I love that she's fun and quirky. All the design names are plant-related, and the thank you message is no different. Just read how amazing it is! Like I said already, I love that the reverse is a cute fun print and even more special, it's hand signed. 

Overall, I LOVE this company, I LOVE the products and I can't wait to grow my collection.