Starting Community, Canal Babies and Childhood Bestie!

With a move to community and the summer heatwave, I'm making the most of my downtime with friends and loved ones!

Click here for the vlog or watch below. 

A beautiful day post night shift was the perfect occasion for a barbeque. I went to Luke's parents house for the first time in a while and it was a beautiful day. I had thought I was invited to their bbq, but turns out Luke was in charge and just cooking for them, so not quite what I had anticipated. Even though Luke was my bubble over strict lockdown, and therefore his parents also, I didn't particularly like going to their house because it was in a very busy street and therefore a lot of people watching and I didn't feel I wanted to be judge. 

Once eaten, we headed to his grandparents house to look in the field for a lost archery arrow. Sadly, we couldn't find it, but we did see the sheep. There is the cutest clip in the vlog when they were running in. We decided to name the brown one Boris!

Sunny days continued in between working. We enjoyed some lovely drinks in the garden. I even made a load of daisy chain items because the garden was full of them! 
We went briefly on a short canal walk toward town. At the moment, there are so many babies! From swans, to geese, to ducks. There is a couple of geese with 23 babies(!) so I am sure they must have adopted a few, but they're all thriving. They ended up following us for food, so I turned around and headed home. It was also after tea so I was in need of the toilet already!
This week also called for a special reunion with my closest childhood friend. We went to school together from the age of 4 to the age of 18, before both heading to different universities to study Medicine. Obviously, at that point our lives took slightly different paths, although we're now geographically closer than we have been for a while, as I'm now in Nottingham and she's just moved to Coventry. It was lovely to catch up in person for the first time in two years, and hopefully we'll be able to meet up again soon. 
We had a lovely time talking and catching up on life, before deciding on Pizza Hut takeaway for lunch. It was such a lovely day, we ended up eating picnic style outside. Originally, I'd planned to go into town for a nice restaurant meal, but when Hannah arrived she said she had plans to meet friends at the pub at 6pm, so we didn't quite have time for that. It was still nice, although a little rushed which was sad. I ended up picking up an extra NIPE shift (making me work 10 days in a row) for the morning and pushing it back half an hour, but had I have know, I wouldn't have for sure! 
The last few clips were relatively relaxing. I've officially moved to work in the community for almost 7 months, so I'm working shorter days, but more frequently. It does mean I have time in the evenings to chill with Luke, but nevertheless a little tiring. I'll share my thoughts on community very soon! 
Of course, the week finished perfectly, with the shower starting to leak again! I messaged the maintenance people to come and fix it and they luckily came the next day.