Hello Fresh Again? (Review)

You've seen me share my first Hello Fresh box, so I thought I would share my second! 

Hello Fresh is a meal subscription box, which can be delivered weekly, with your chosen recipes, including all ingredients that are freshly sourced and pre-portioned to avoid food wastage. You can get £20 off your first box, if you see something you fancy. I'm just going to talk about the recipes today, but if you want a full detailed review of Hello Fresh, be sure to head to my other post. 

Meal 1: Crispy Skin on Chicken

This was by far my favourite meal. The entire dish was incredible and so tasty. It came with sugared roasted carrots and garlic skin on mash and I would have this over and over and over again! 

Rank 1: 10/10. 

Meal 2: Chorizo Coated Cod

I thought I would really like this meal. I actually paid £2.49 extra per portion, for the fish, which I thought was a little overpriced, but I was excited to eat it. Ultimately, I didn't enjoy it. I found the asparagus quite earthy, the potatoes boring and the cod, although flaky and fresh, the coating of chorizo/mayonnaise/breadcrumbs/cheese just didn't work. 

Rank 4: 1/10. 

Meal 3: Courgette Chicken Rigatoni 

This was a simple and easy to cook 20 minute pasta recipe. I really enjoyed making it and trying courgette in a new way, although I still thought it was a bit of a mushy mess. I prefer soft pasta so I left it cooking for an additional 5 minutes, but the sauce and the chicken were delicious. 

Rank 3: 6/10. 

Meal 4: Sausages with Couscous and Harissa Sauce 

My first time trying couscous and it was a success. I loved it! It defintely needed the sauce with it, otherwise it was quite stodgy and dry but it was still very yummy made with chicken stock. The sausages were incredible; they were really meaty and you could tell they were high quality. The sauce was a little too spicy for me, which is the only reason I deducted on my score! I would make this again, but slightly adjust the harissa sauce spice.

Rank 2: 8/10. 

Overall, another great selection of meals! It's nice to push myself out of my comfort zone and I really enjoyed trying new recopies. Of course, there are some I won't try again, but some I definitely will be cooking over and over again! Don't forget, get £20 off your first box and try Hello Fresh for yourself today.