June Round Up

 My birthday month is officially sadly over so with it comes a brand new monthly round up. 

Book: I'm stuck on a really slow book right now so have literally read one chapter...one chapter!

Film: With annual leave and other downtime days, I'm watched a number of films this month. Awake was one of my favourites, but I hated Yesterday. 

TV Show: I literally fell in love with Sweet Tooth this month, and watched the entire season in the space of a day. I've also finished the new series of Working Moms which again was so funny and shoutout to the Canadian cast. 

Podcast: Anyone who knows me, knows I love One Tree Hill and it is my all time favourite television show. The main girls of the show have just launched their own podcast called "Drama Queens" and I listened to it the second it launched!

Blogger: I'm actually re-reading some of This Mama Life, especially the ones about long distance relationships as my friend is currently really struggling so I was trying to help her relate. 

YouTuber: I often think back to who I've clicked on the quickest to watch with this one, and this month I've been so excited to watch Ebony Day's channel "Our Tiny Tribe" and seeing the kids have so much little days out is so fun.

Personal Blog Post: After waiting so long, my Fabstract UK post has to be my favourite. 

Personal Vlog: My busy birthday week vlog of course. 

Personal Memory: I think it's got to be the birthday limo fiasco. I still can't believe they got a limo, it was so random! 

Summary: Annual leave was very much well deserved and needed, although after a busy activity and birthday week, I was more exhausted then ever. I also moved to community and started in my new team for the next 6 months. 

Inspiring: I think seeing women believe in their bodies and be so positive about hospital care has been so lovely. 

Frightening: I hate driving so driving around Nottingham city centre has been an experience to say the least. 

Next Month: I'm nervous about my supernumerary period ending and being out in community, somewhat on my own. It's also the Great Yorkshire Show week, and I can't wait!

Hope you're all well and have been enjoying the warm weather.