Little Village Candles (Review)

I’ve spoken about a few small businesses recently, especially friend owned ones, and someone who used to be a fellow SheerSense distributor, recently set up her own candle making company. Little Village Candles is a company producing...candles. They are made specifically with material sourced from the U.K., with premium soy wax and cosmetic grade fragrances. This is why they are so strong! This ensures the best candles and customer experience. Steph aims to transport people to their favourite memories through the powerful sense of smell. 

I love supporting friends in their ventures, so I placed an order for the samples to see what the smells were like and to see the product for myself. You can get a sample of all 7 scents for just £4.50. The samples came within a week of ordering. The packaging was super cute with a white bag and gorgeous sticker, and then each scent was in it’s own small cosmetics pot container. The moment I opened the packaging, I could smell the candles. The fragrances are super strong! 

I thought I’d share a quick overview review on each scent and rank them, in my order of favourites. They're all inspired by the South Oxfordshire village where they're made; the little community and the surrounding woodlands reflected in the candles and candle scents. 

  1. Pink Fizz: dreamy! This reminds me of the most beautiful, calming and relaxing lush bath bomb.
  2. Pear and Vanilla: slightly fruity but very mild.
  3. Warm Vanilla Sugar: the name captures the scent perfectly, it's like vanilla and melting sugar.
  4. Bluebell: I actually think this is a lot more like blueberries than a field of bluebells.
  5. Red Rose: most floral thing I've ever smelt!
  6. Lime, Basil and Mandarin: strong and spicy, not a fan.
  7. Dark Honey and Tobacco: eww no...literally fresh organic honey mixed with smoke.

Overall, quick delivery, great customer service and gorgeous products. If you’re looking for some new candles that are strong and long lasting, order some!