RCM Graduation Gifts!

Only 6 months late, but I finally received by Royal College of Midwives graduation gifts and certificate. To be honest, it was quite unexpected but a lovely surprise. 

In the pack was a certificate and badge saying that I graduated in 2020. I actually love that. I'm sure it's because they had an excess of items, but given that I did actually finish my degree in December I always say I qualify in 2020 so for me, I find it more fitting. Plus of course, it's the International Year of the Midwife! 

I also got a membership card and register book. I actually would have loved to use it and fill it in, to stay informed of all the babies I deliver for the rest of my career, however, I think now that I've already worked for 6 months, it's probably a little bit too late, so if anyone wants it, let me know and I would love to send it to you!

Did your professional registration body send you any gifts for congratulations?