A New Nursing and Midwifery Board Representative

I had thought I had shared this when I first joined but upon looking for a link to write a little update, I couldn't find a post, so I thought I best share now. A few months into my preceptorship, the opportunity became available to join the Nursing and Midwifery Board as a Staff Representative. The board has monthly discussions with leaders and managers across all surgical and medical wards, hearing the latest updates and providing feedback to future proposals, before approving or dismissing the case. 

Having been such an involved midwifery student, I felt this was something that would be beneficial for both myself and the profession which I would represent. I was excited to help impact changes and future development, especially with my experience as a newly qualified midwife. 

A few months after my expression of interest, we were informed that there were a high number of those interested and so to confirm we still wanted to be considered in our applications, despite there only being one position available of a band 5 and a band 6 midwife. A few months went by before hearing anything again, so when I got my band 6 promotion, I reached out again to ask for any update and inform them that I was now a band 6 so the position I was applying for would need to change. From there, I quickly got a response and happily was accepted into the post! 

I have now attended three meetings in my term and have been really enjoying my time so far. The meetings last 2 hours, with a 30 minute representative debrief afterwards. They are very fast paced meetings and packed full of important topics. It was a little overwhelming at the first meeting, but I feel I am slowly getting used to it and starting to see familiar faces. Whilst some of the topics aren't completely relevant to the maternity setting, it's nice to see how it could apply, and having so far been the only midwife there, I think it's quite interesting bringing a newer perspective. 

I can't wait to see where the next year goes and what future changes come into practice. One I am so excited about the prospect off coming soon, is self-rostering. I don't know how it will work but the idea of being able to select a better but still fair off duty is quite exciting.