Monthly Tee Club (Review)

It's been a while since a reviewed a fun monthly subscription box, but this week and next week, I have two new reviews coming your way. This week is all about t-shirts, with the Monthly Tee Club subscription box. 

The box starts at £9.99. The price goes up according to the number of T-shirts in a box you’re subscribing to, from 1 to 4 a month. The subscription begins with a questionnaire answering personal preferences and interests. Each shirt is chosen with care using you’re Tee checker. In house tee specialists also work hard researching and brainstorming fun and interesting products. They specialise in humorous, cartoon t-shirts especially. 

Each month is a complete surprise. The t-shirts come in a bag that fits direct through the letterbox, meaning you don't need to be in to accept the package. I was a little disappointed at how flimsy it was and also the lack of other items within the packaging, but it does save the environment a little. 

I got two t-shirts. The first was a special add on product that you could choose at checkout, in a range of categories. I chose Marvel and I absolutely love this colour scheme. It arrived within a week of the order and super efficiently. 
The actual subscription top was based on my preferences: humour, mindfulness and science. This t-shirt took a little longer to be delivered, almost 3 weeks, as they ship monthly. It's mainly black, with a small amount of detail with yellow Star Wars style writing.
The t-shirts themselves are really high quality. They are super soft, the prints are well on, with no peeling edges and they wash well. I would say the sizes are big so potentially size down unless you love the baggy look which I do, so I already sized up. 

Overall, if you don't mind too much what you wear and like the surprise, this is a great box for you. Personally, I didn't love the design and didn't think it matched my interests very well so I have cancelled my subscription at present.