Sharing the Positives of Patient Care

As a midwife, and probably any healthcare professional, it's always the negatives that stand out the most, and the job can be really hard at times. I think often, we talk about the negatives and focus on them too much. I have done so much better since I first started the job; I remember the first few months, I would come home crying and dwell on every single thing, thinking maybe if I'd done this or did I do that?, but now, I feel confident in my abilities and my escalation so I feel comfortable that I am doing the best job I can. 

Last month, my day was made when a beautiful woman I cared for brought in a bunch of treats for the staff to thank another midwife and myself for the care she received the previous year. The treats were truly delicious. I wish I'd taken a picture of the boxes before everyone tucked in, because they were gorgeous. I did record a little clip for the vlog, but it didn't do it justice. They were from a company based in Nottingham called "Els Tiffin". Having never had tiffin before, I didn't really know what to expect but it was mouth-wateringly good! I ended up picking one that had fruit in, that wasn't my favourite, but there was a selection that didn't as well, which would have been even better. 

I couldn't believe how much the woman remembered and the fact she remembered me by name as the midwife who delivered her first son. Plus, how she came out of her way, on the day of his first birthday party, to bring them in. She was so thankful and encouraging. It really did make my day, especially during a very busy shift. So happy first birthday, little one!