Portugal 2022 Holiday Reading List and Reviews

I think this may be my final post following my Portugal holiday, but stay tuned for some more travel posts shortly, following my trip to Amsterdam! I love relaxing and ready outside, but when I'm in the UK, reading just takes a back burner which is always such a shame. I wish I allocated more time to ready but it's become more of a holiday passion. I thought today I would briefly share a short summary review of the books I read on holiday in Portugal!

Before She Was Mine by Kate Long. I was so utterly blown away by this book. It isn't something that I would normally read but it was such a nice novel. It shares the story of a girl trapped between her birth mother and her adoptive mother. When both mother's go through quite drastic life events, she must choose which to prioritise, often putting herself down in the process. 

The Wedding by Nichloas Sparks. I've never found a Nicholas Sparks book I haven't loved, nor a film adaptation I don't envy. The story shares the sequel to the bestselling story "The Notebook" and whilst I don't love that it's so short, I quite like the little updates and problems along the way. I think it shows the very realistic effects of relationships. 
If I Stay by Gayle Forman. I watched the film of this years ago and never quite got round to reading the book. Well, once I started I couldn't put it down! It shares the story of a young girl whose family tragically die in an accident and shows her exploring her relationships, to decide whether she fights to survive or lets her life slowly fade away. It has a unique but sometimes confusing perspective, flicking between present and past. 
The Prison Doctor: Women Inside by  Dr Amanda Brown. This is another sequel book following The Prison Doctor. It doesn't exactly follow on, but instead it shares little snippets of women's life that the author looked after during her career. I think it gives you a real appreciation to the reality of prison life and for that I have sympathy for the characters. Some healthcare professionals don't like reading these types of books as it's too close to reality, but I personally quite like feeling like I am not alone in some of these thoughts. 
Have you read any of these books? Any recommendations following on?