Nicest Patients, Fellowship Training and Midwives Day!

Sandwiched between two holidays, the last two weeks have been busy work days! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

Coming back from Portugal, I went straight back to work with 6 shifts in 7 days. It was a little exhausting but enjoyable. It was strange to do a night shift on labour suite again, as it's been almost a year and I was utterly exhausted. After the first night, I started walking down the canal banking so I was glad I wasn't driving! Luckily, I looked after some lovely families who all made it worth it, and welcomed 4 new babies into the world. To top it off, one of the women who I looked after a year ago, came out of her way to say thank you and bring in a much of treats to celebrate her baby boy's first birthday. It was so nice to have an update and hear the appreciation she had for the team and especially myself. 

On the Sunday, I headed to Luke's mum's house for a Sunday roast. It had been a while since I'd been over so Luke was pretty much begging me to visit. I suggested a meal with his family, so he cooked for everyone and it was delicious! Afterwards, we started planning our itinerary for Amsterdam. Of course, as usual, I ended up getting hurt as we were saying goodbye as Luke pulled my neck for a hug and twisted it. It was so painful and I couldn't really sleep that night, but luckily it was much better the next day. 

I then worked two long day shifts, followed by two long night shifts. Once again, I had such a great week of shifts. They were all very enjoyable, despite being pulled. I am now a core labour suite staff member but I don't mind doing a bit of everything. The wards were short, so I ended up being pulled to the postnatal ward on my first night and then the antenatal ward the second night. It did sadly mean I missed out on the labour suite celebrations for International Day of the Midwife. I did however, head downstairs to grab my card and little goodie bag, and was very surprised when the postnatal ward had a spare goodie bag too. Unfortunately, the antenatal ward the next night had named bags so I didn't get one of them but hey ho. 

To top it off, I also got a house update which I will share in more detail very soon! Watch the vlog for a sneak peak. Of course, I told my family and my grandma even Facetimed for the first time. She didn't quite get it but it made me laugh.