Degusta: April Box (Review)

I am honestly blown away by this new-to-me subscription box called the Degusta Box. This contains a complete surprise selection of 10 - 15 new products with a different theme each month. Usually it's based on a country, however this month's was International vs UK. 

I was a little disappointed with my delivery as I was expecting it to arrive much sooner than it did. I then got told it was coming the day I was leaving to Portugal, so I let the courier know I would collect it from them a week later, only to get an email with a picture showing delivery at my house, an hour after arriving at the airport. It literally sat outside my house for over a week so I was pleasantly surprised it was still there when I arrived back. 

The box is pretty large, containing up to 15 full size products. Once opened, there is multiple layers of packaging from brown paper, to multiple leaflets, to bubble wrap and then the products (some with more bubble wrap). Everything was well secured and protected. 
There were a few offer leaflets, and then an A4 brochure with a discount code and also explaining all the items that are included in the box. They give a retail price, size, brand and product name and then some little details about each item. This month were all pre-existing products abroad but all new to the UK market. 
I am usually a little cautious about getting food boxes because, in complete honesty, I don't like very much. I was so pleasantly surprised at this box selection of 13 amazing products and pleased to say I liked almost all of them! Some of the kitchen cupboard staples included tomato pasta sauce, salad dressing and gravy pots, which are all very usable. I had 3 drinks, two beers (one non-alcoholic) and one sparking apple juice. Then a few different treats. My favourite by far were the Blissfuls biscuits which were delicious and the Kettle Focaccia Bites. I've been keeping my eye out for the latter but have yet to find them in shops around me yet. 

Overall, I am absolutely obsessed and can't wait to get my next box! If you want to get £5 off your first box, use my code HANNAHS-13C6C