Holiday Fashion: Day Time Outfits

Following on from last week's swimming costume post, I am sharing my day time outfits. For me, comfort is at the forefront of so-called fashion. I am also a bit of a cheap stake, so I wear and abuse my clothes until I can't anymore! 

One of my favourite pieces is so old. I was looking through old pictures of Portugal and I actually wore this the last time I was in Portugal, 10 years ago! Of course, I've got a little bigger than then, so it doesn't fit quite as a dress anymore, so instead, I pair it with shorts. I still love it and it's so comfortable. I also love that it has a slight ruche at the waist for shaping. 

Over swimming costumes, whilst I sunbathe, I tend to put on a sarong if I'm just walking around the house or resort. I have two of my favourite ones, with the pink being from Debenhams a few years ago and the blue from Turkey years ago!
These are a couple of items I shove on depending on the outfit or weather. The Pink cover up is for slightly colder weather as it has sleeves, but the back is open in a diamond cut out. These shorts are my latest purchase and I love them. They are so comfy, the perfect fit and just £9 from Sainsbury's. 
The next dress I purchases last year from In the Style. I can't remember if they are Stacey Solomon or Jac Jossa but they are so comfy! I love the ties at the shoulder which can mean it can be a lower or higher cut, depending on the audience.
The other go-to summer dress I have it this beautiful yellow one. I can't remember where it's from but it's the only yellow item I own and I usually hate the colour, but this is one I couldn't say no to!
Finally, another new purchase is this blue cover up. I couldn't believe how cheap and flattering this was from Amazon. It comes in so many colours and is so easy to wear. You shove your head and arms through 3 holes, and then it is the perfect length and has such gorgeous tassel detail. I wore it when I went to my cousin's villa, and what I didn't realise at the time was that there are actually 5 people in this picture! 

I absolutely love all these cover ups and dresses! Which is your favourite?