Meeting Freya, Puppy Siblings and Cousin's Engagement!

I headed to my mum's to meet the new puppy and celebrate my cousin's engagement party! 
Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

After working a few shifts in a row, I waited for Luke to finish work and spent the day packing and organising, ready to head to Wakefield. We got a McDonald's for lunch and I am so excited now that fish fingers are back on the menu! They were removed unnecessarily for Covid-19's reduced menu and they have always been my favourite. 

My mum recently got a second puppy. There are 3 months between the two and they are half siblings, with the same father. It was so lovely to meet the new addition to the family and the size difference is crazy. I always thought Floki was little, but next to Freya, he's huge! They are so different with their personalities too. Freya loves to sit and cuddle, plus sneak a few kisses. Floki likes to be stroked but not picked up. They play fight all the time and the teeth on show is hilarious!
On Saturday night, my cousin and her fiancé had their engagement party. It was set in a beautiful new wedding location in the outskirts of York. It was beautiful, but the staff weren't the nicest and due to their permits, no music is allowed after 11pm, which is a bit of a shame as that was when everyone had just started dancing. 
They had a sweets table set up, but the real food was incredible. My aunt had made a charcuterie board which didn't look like very much, but it went so far! I even went back for seconds. There was lots of bread, cheese and cold meats. They also had a beautiful geode cake. I was a little sad it was never cut but nevertheless, really simple yet pretty. 
We didn't get back until late, so after a short sleep, we woke up early as I had to take Luke to the airport. He had a work conference over there Sunday - Tuesday, and then the plan was for me to join him to head to Amsterdam the next day. 

I was absolutely shattered by the time I'd got back, after getting fuel and bacon sandwiches of course. I had a quick nap, before playing with the puppies and then we had my great aunt and her grandkids come over. It was lovely to see everyone again, even though we saw them last night as well. In the evening, we ended up having a barbeque because the weather was so nice. Of course, the hot tub was a must. 
Monday called for more family visits. We went to see one of my aunts and chilled with them for a little bit, then went to see another of my great aunts which was absolutely lovely. I am a real family persona and so I always love catching up with everyone, especially when I don't live as close anymore. We also went on a walk around Pontefract racecourses. It ended up being pretty long, but the dogs loved it, especially watching all the birds in the lake. 
That evening called for an early night as I was getting up at 3am the next day. I tried getting to sleep at 9pm and struggled so much. I ended up getting 2 hours sleep, which was awful. Stay tuned for the next few travel vlogs soon!