Holiday Fashion: Swimming Costumes for Body Conscious Women

For anyone who knows me, they know that I have always been conscious about my body for as long as I can remember, mainly with my tummy area. For the last few years, I haven't felt comfortable wearing bikinis, and so instead I have been wearing tankini's and swimming costumes instead. I realised at the end of the holiday, I hadn't really taken pictures of myself in any of the "outfits" so as I was packing, I quickly took pictures in the room! 

I love this style of tankini with the slightly longer and floaty top, with ruffle layers. For me, it gives me more confidence, especially as when wet it doesn't completely slick to the body. Funnily enough, the white tropical style tankini - which I especially love with a tan - was one I already owned, and I then purchased the other two in the accidental same style before this holiday! I am obsessed with the roses and darker colour. It looks truly beautiful on. 
This next style is my favourite on. It's a one-piece swimming costume, with a slip covering the cleavage, so perfect for larger breasts, plus a bow belt under the bust. There is also a skirt dress which covers the top of the thighs, with a more flattering cut. Of course, costumes are always a little harder to wear during the day because you have to slip the entire thing off before going to the toilet etc. 
Finally, one of my long time favourite bikini's. This is a navy colour, but I also have a rich red shade which I didn't take on holiday this time. The pants are high rise, whilst the top is a floaty t-shirt. It's only got material around the bust, and then the rest is mesh, so it's a little less coverage but still gives me the confident with my tummy area covered. 
For me personally, I have tried the tummy control costumes and they just don't work for me. They make me feel even fatter and claustrophobic, so I have been swayed towards the more floaty or tankini style instead. All of this have been bought from Amazon! 

Where do you get your costumes from? Which of these is your favourite?