26th Birthday Present Haul!

I really wasn't expecting many presents this year, if any at all. I knew both my parents were getting me a joint birthday and house warming present as I'd asked them to wait until I know exactly what I needed. I also knew that my partner had said that him paying for the Amsterdam hotel was my present, so I was quite surprised that I actually had some gifts to open which was a lovely surprise. 

I got a few bits of chocolate, with some Dairy Milk Caramel and then some locally produced specialty chocolate. The caramel and Mars bar one was delicious, but the mint and Aero one tasted a little like toothpaste. 
I got a few bathroom toiletry items. I use the Clinique Anti-Blemish Foaming Cleanser regularly, hair oil and a foot brush. 
I got a new book from one of my friends and a diffuser from my partner. I think I'll save these until I am in the new house!
I also got a beautiful new Joma Jewellery bracelet to add to my collection. 
When I went to Oxford, my sister gave me her presents a little later, which included a faux succulent, a new clutch and then some new cards with money. I personally love cards and some of my favourites are the little ones.