Radisson Amsterdam South Hotel (Review)

I recently went on holiday for a city break to Amsterdam. The hotel was a surprise booking by my boyfriend, so I didn’t particularly have a say, but the hotel is beautiful. I thought I would share a short review of the accommodation today, giving a full overview of the hotel and amenities. 

First of all, it turns out that the hotel isn’t actually in Amsterdam, it’s in a city next door called Amstelveen. Seemingly, Luke had thought it was in the city centre but Amsterdam is actually a massive city. It wasn’t just us who made the mistake either, as we overheard a couple of others at check in who also said the same thing. 

Now, the location isn’t bad per say. In fact, it’s only a short 15 minute car ride from the airport, however it’s in the middle of nowhere and the public transport isn’t ideal. There is a tram stop a 15 minute walk away, which takes 15 minutes to get to Station Zuid, followed by a further 15 minutes metro ride to the Central Station. It is a massive faff, especially with suitcases. There is also a bus stop, supposedly 15 minute walk away, however due to an accident and road works, this took us almost an hour of walking when first arrived. 

The hotel is set between two canals, which is gorgeous as you can see wonderful views from every direction, however, when the bridge is closed, it means a massive diversion to get back to the hotel itself. As you can probably imagine, not the best start to the experience. 

Onto the hotel itself, it is absolutely beautiful. The glass building overlooks the canal, as previously mentioned. Plus, the two lower levels and sunk into the water itself. The building has 12 floors, with views into the city centre, and the glass is kept clean to ensure they are untainted. In the lobby, there is a shop that has staple toiletries, as well as some popular Dutch treats and regular mini bar items. There is a workspace to charge laptops and phones, as well as work. Plus, the ground floor also has a restaurant. 

The food was amazing on all occasions. The breakfast was included in our room cost. It had a huge selection available, from hot cooked breakfast, continental with cold meats and pastries, cereals and fresh fruits and salad. We also had a meal there on our last day, which was delicious. It was reasonably priced when using our discounts (explained later) and the portions were massive. I would have eaten in on our first night when knackered, so it’s nice that the option is there, should it be required. 

Onto the room. We had a free upgrade to a mini suite room on the ninth floor. The view in the full length window in the hall was stunning, as was the room view, however this was blocked by security panelling unfortunately. The room had a kitchenette attached, complete with all inclusive cutlery, equipment and appliances: hob, microwave, fish washer and fridge. I didn't take pictures but you can see a room tour in the first vlog! The bonus with the eco-scheme is that they give you a £5 voucher if you don't get your room cleaned or fresh towels. This is to use at either the shop or the bar or the restaurant. Such a great idea!

The staff were always amenable, going above and beyond to help out. We had a slight issue with our shower water temperature, but they were very apologetic and quick to react when informed. Prior to departure, they also gave me access to the gym to have a shower and freshen up, which was lovely and much needed. The gym is quite small but has a selection of key equipment pieces, plus a mat area with weights and mirrors. It is fairly easy to miss, as it looks like a simple hotel room door. Up there, they provide unlimited refreshments and towels, free to use lockers and a shower and bathroom for each gender. 

Overall, the hotel was beautiful in all the ways. The facilities were stunning, the scenery blew me away and the staff were lovely. The food for both breakfast and the restaurant were delicious and I would recommend it as a restaurant if you are in the area. If the hotel was located in Amsterdam, it would be perfect, but for me, the fact it was so far out really let it down so I personally don't think I'd return.