Celebrating 26 Years

First of all, I can't quite believe that I celebrated by 26th birthday last Thursday. This last year has been a little bit of a whirlwind, especially with how busy the last few months have been. I think this 26th year of my life is going to be all about some big life changes - probably the most expensive of my life - but also about settling down. I finally feel at peace with my life and my world. I'm so ready for the next steps. 

Last year, I celebrated in a big way and my family went all out to surprise me with a limo. I also shared some facts so if you want to get to know me a little better, read these. This year was a more low key and after a short day at work, doing part of the leadership course, we enjoyed a beautiful night in. Friday morning, was more of the celebration, which I will share in a vlog soon! I'm now just heading back from Oxford, celebrating my cousin's hen party. 

Be ready for some more fun posts and content over the next few weeks. What do you want to see this year? Share some ideas in the comments below.