Zaanse Schans, Van Gogh and Flying Back! / Netherlands 2022

For the last day of a trip, we had a quick stop at Zaanse Schans, known for the famous windmills, followed by a visit to Van Gogh Museum, before flying home. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

Our last day in Amsterdam was the day I was looking forward to the most  I had originally hoped to see the tulips but sadly, we were too late in the season and the other location was too far away to fit into the schedule. We luckily got to experience them a little on the 5D I am Holland experience. 

It was the most awful journey to get to Zaanse Schans and see the ever famous windmills, but after a tram, a metro and a bus, 2 hours later we finally made it and the weather was perfect. It was beautiful, hot, sunny and above all else, not windy! 

We started by doing to three free tours and museums with the very impressive clog experience first. I loved watched the clogs be made and although I didn’t capture it on video, one stage showed him blowing on the wood and the sheer volume of the water that came out was very impressive. After that, there was the cheese museum and another that was a whistle stop tour. 
Then we walked around the path leading from windmill to windmill. It was so peaceful and we picked the most perfect day to go for sure. Due to having the I Amsterdam card, we did go into 4 of the windmills to look around, as well as the museum which was fascinating. Despite being quiet and small, one of the best museums I’ve been in for a long time. It also had the cleanest and nicest toilets which elsewhere on the village costs. 
We couldn’t stay for quite as long as I wanted because Luke was desperate to go to the Van Gogh Museum. It wasn’t my sort of museum and I wish we’d split up because if we’d have stayed two hours longer, we could have got a peaceful 30 minute ferry back to Amsterdam instead of the 1hr sweaty, hot bus with no seats. It was not fun. 

The museum itself was surprisingly good and very well organised. I’ve seen many of the famous paintings before in London and Paris so I wasn’t that blown away. Also, it promised the largest collection and the majority of artwork in their was actually of his so-called friends. 
After we finished, we headed back to the hotel and got the most delicious burgers from the restaurant. Then I got showered and changed in the gym of the hotel, before we headed off to the airport. 

I’d been wanting to take the traditional picture in front of the I Amsterdam sign and whilst I had been placated a little with the I A’Dam sign, it was still nice to see. It had moved recently so took some traffic but we found it at the airport. It was pretty packed and had a fair amount of graffiti, so I just snapped a quick selfie whilst Luke waited with the bags. 
Then it was time to head home and get on the plane. I was so ready to get back, not only being tired but also for some time to relax and chill.