Sunbathing Puppies, Welsh Break and Father Reunion!

We got back from Amsterdam and spent the day at my mum's before returning to work. I then spent a long weekend at my dad's. It was my first time in Wales this year! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

After getting back from Amsterdam, we had just a short 24 hour stop in Wakefield. It was a pretty miserable morning with rain and clouds. To top it off, all the power went out and it was intermittent with alarms going off constantly. Luke and I decided to head to the cinema and watch Dr Strange. It was a little confusing but very good. 

When we got back, the sun was shining and it looked like a brand new day. I even changed outfits and popped on a summer dress. The puppies and mum had been sunbathing in the garden, but we headed out to a friends new build new house and took the puppies with for a few hours. 
The next weekend, I went to my dad’s in Wales. I was originally meant to be going Father’s Day weekend, but with a hen party now, I rearranged it to a little earlier. The first day there, dad was at the canal so I spent the majority of the time in the garden, seeing the new yoga room and new garden additions. 
On Friday, we headed to Derwent Garden Centre for a quick smooch and then went to Powys Castle. We usually just go for cake and the views, but this time we went to gardens and spent the afternoon walking around. There were so many peacocks everywhere and all coming so close. 
We were meant to go to the lake the next day but dad ended up having some friends round for afternoon tea, then more over for a barbecue in the evening. In the end, we went for a short village walk and so all the dragon flies. 
Before heading home on Sunday, we went to Lake Vyrnwy. It was a little cloudy but still a nice day. 
We stopped at a new village recreational area on the way back. It has a small bike park area, an orchard walk and then walk around a stream. 
Once back, I took in the last of the garden flowers with even more blooming that previously. I have a new found love for iris’. Especially the gorgeous blue and yellow ones. I enjoyed a yummy Sunday roast before heading back. 

Of course, this vlog couldn't have been posted at a better time as today is also Father's Day! I hope however you are celebrating, you have the best time. Happy Father's to mine and all the father's out there celebrating.