Art Hotel Rotterdam (Review)

We started our trip to the Netherlands with a trip to Rotterdam. By the time I arrived in Rotterdam, Luke had already been there for 3 days so I didn't take any pictures of the room, but Luke did record a little room tour so watch the vlog to see some images! Luke was actually there for a work conference, so his work picked and paid for the hotel, and I just crashed there for the last night. 

In all honesty, I wasn't super impressed with the hotel. The area was more of a residential location, but there was good transport links nearby which was great. It was literally a 2 minute walk from the metro. The hotel is advertised as a 4 star accommodation and for me, it just isn't. The actual building screams industrial on legs, with a concrete structure. 

When you walk in, the reception area is a complete shambles at the moment. They are doing a lot of building work so it's pretty much a construction site. The reception is small and dainty, with two small desks, although slightly decorated in a block red  Art Deco style. There also isn't a luggage room available at present due to this. The lobby area has no ceiling, so the lights and electricals are all on display. It just didn't feel like luxury at all. Staff was friendly and apologetic, but nevertheless not ideal. 

From there, there is a restaurant. The building site continues into the restaurant, so it's not the most relaxing place. This is actually separate from the hotel, although both open onto each other. This means that the hotel itself has no catering facilities. We ate at the hotel and had some very yummy but basic pizzas. I didn't have breakfast there, but Luke did three times, and he said it wasn't great. As the two are separate, breakfast is not part of the hotel stay and must be paid separately at €12.50 per person. 

Onto the actual bedroom, which was the best part of the hotel. The room was huge. It had a large entry way hallway, with plenty of storage, including a luggage rack and fridge in the room. The bathroom is the best part. The wet room style, has a large double shower and lovely mirrors and lighting. The bedroom then had two separate seating areas, a dressing table and two large single beds. It was very comfy for my first short nap, however very room. I later learnt that the air conditioning was off in the entire hotel, but luckily, despite being on the 11th floor, the windows were able to be completely opened, so we got a nice breeze intermittently. 

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this hotel, unless you're wanting a fancy hostel style stay. I have also since read reviews and heard of lots of bed bug stories and also significant price increases. Without a doubt, the worst 4 star hotel I have ever stayed in. With no additional facilities, I am unsure how they even got this rating in the first place.