Seasonal Table Decor

I love decorating and celebrating each and every holiday in it's own way. As I'm currently in a rental, I haven't got much storage space, so instead of going all out around the house, I have found myself creating a little centrepiece on the dining room table. I have a light up sign, so I switch up the text to match the season, and then add a few extra decorations. 

I thought I would start with the holidays in date order throughout the year. Valentine's Day is one that not many celebrate. I used to have some pink hearts and bunting, however because this is in my lounge, I wanted it to match the navy and ochre colour scheme so I went with some beautiful wire hearts from In Other Words Designs and a balloon blow up word. 

I think Easter is one of my favourites. I love these little wooden bunnies that I bought from Amazon, and then I paired it with a burlap bunting
Of course, this year called for a new holiday celebration for the Platinum Jubilee. I didn't want to get decorations that couldn't be reused so I went for balloons, blow up letters and some bunting. All put a handful of the normal balloons can be reused and it will work for any GBR celebration! 
This was for Luke's birthday last year and I didn't decorate for my birthday, because I thought Luke would but he didn't unfortunately. Anyway, I bought a selection of reusable and sustainable party decorations so that I could reuse them for many years to come. The banner came with multiple options so you can also spell out happy: Easter, Anniversary, New Year, Party, Eid etc. Lot's of options!
Halloween is another of my favourites. I bought the bat bunting 5 years ago from Home Bargains, the wire images and pumpkins are again from In Other Words Designs and the solar lights were actually bought for outside, from Go Outdoors, but I thought they matched perfectly. 
Finally, Christmas. I remember last year's as so cute and there was even a mini Christmas tree, because I was here over Christmas for work. This picture is actually from the year before when I was technically still a student, therefore I was only in the house for one week in December so I didn't bother decorating much. I will have to take a picture this year!

I can't wait to go all out with the holidays and festivities next year, but for now, this little wall makes me happy! How do you decorate?