Amsterdam Zoo, Anne Frank and Tulip Museum! / Netherlands 2022

This day of our Amsterdam trip went wrong so many times. It was just the worst, but we tried to make the most out of it! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

We started off the day with a visit to the famous Artis Amsterdam Zoo. It’s best known for its support in re-releasing animals into their natural habitats and also their breeding programme of protected species. We set off a little later than expected and then the public transport system failed us slightly, so we had a short 2 hours to take everything in. There was a wide range of animals and lots of different types. It was a relatively small space and I was quite disappointed by the very limited enclosures for the animals, especially the lions. It was very small and not at all appropriate for the size of the animal. It sad to see 3 of them in this little area, however there were two spaces being worked upon so perhaps one of them was going to be for the lions and this was just a temporary space in the interim. 

The busy schedule Luke had arranged meant we had our second canal tour next, but unfortunately, when we arrived, they told us you can only do one canal tour per pass. This was very frustrating and unexpected as we hadn’t seen that specified anywhere on the website. I will be sharing a full review of the I Amsterdam card very soon. 
That left us with almost 3 hrs to spare, so we walked around the city centre, calling at the Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate cafe and shop. We didn’t stay at the cafe because they didn’t really have any savoury food but were excited to go back later for a dessert. The shop had free samples but sadly only one had any left so we just had one taster…which we have stolen 3 each. 

We also walked to look at Anne Frank’s house. This was the main thing I wanted to do, going to Amsterdam. I told Luke with plenty of time and sadly, by the time he got around to booking it, they were all sold out, which was a big shame. The area was packed so there was no way to get in unfortunately but nevertheless, at least we saw a little glimpse. Not what I imagined at all! 
The NEMO Science Museum was the next item on the agenda so we went two hours early and they thankfully let us in. We had a quick look around the first floor and then headed up to the restaurant on the roof terrace. Apparently in summer, it’s turned into a relaxing beach area. The food was yummy and then we spent hours exploring each floor. I loved all the interaction and the different themes. 
Then, we headed to the Tulip Museum. It wasn’t something we had originally scheduled but with time to spare, it was nearby. It was small but well designed and very accessible information. I loved seeing the fresh tulips and the little shop attached, had some beautiful gifts. 

We then walked around to our table booking. It was the one restaurant we had booked but when we arrived 45 minutes early and saw there was only one table, we quickly cancelled and started looking elsewhere. We came across a lovely Italian elsewhere and got served quickly and efficiently. Again, it was very yummy but lacking in desserts sadly, so we headed back to the hotel looking for treats.