Fourth Master's Module "Research Methodology" Teaching Review

My first module of my second year has well and truly come to an end. In fact it finished back in December and I have my essay result back, but how did the module teaching go? I shared my thoughts before starting and my expectations were exceeded!

The module was incredibly well organised with all sessions planned in advance and all content ready to go from the very start of the module which was always nice. We had a lecture each week which I enjoyed attending live in person. The course lead, Nick, is amazing. He's very attentive and incredibly knowledgeable. He was available to contact almost 24/7 and always replied to any messages very quickly which always makes such a huge difference. 

The topics each week varied but related to a topic within research. I have already done research teaching before, and also completed primary research myself, but being able to have a refresher on all the topics was really useful. These included Ethics, Sampling, Quantitative Research, Qualitative Research, Critiquing Research etc. 

One thing I found really valuable was the formative assessment which was a part of the module. It asked us to answer the questions: "What is research?" with referenced definitions and what they tell us about what research is in the context of practice. Alongside, "What is Qualitative methodology?" and "What is and Quantitative methodology?" ensuring methodology is talking about concepts, ideas and theoretical background which informs the adoption of the methods

I liked that this was marked as though it was a proper assessment. We got great feedback and then these couple of paragraphs could be transferred to the summative assessment, making the alterations as per the recommendations from the marked work. Whilst, some of the comments ended up being contradicting, I did find it useful to have already written the first quarter of the essay in advance and it gave me a place to continue from.