Fourth Master's Module "Research Methodology" Grade

I got my grade back from my Research Methodology essay and I was quite pleased with it. It's my highest mark of the the Masters programme so far and probably, the highest I will get throughout the entire postgraduate course. I had been hoping to get a Distinction overall but realistically that is not possible anymore, with my mental health defintely impacting my ability to perform throughout the first year. 

Despite that, I think 68% is a good grade and will hopefully secure a Merit overall. I'm still a little disappointed with the first and third module results as I do think I deserve a higher mark, but nevertheless the markers disagree. Overall, my current average is 62%. When I've worked out overall, for my Major Project which is worth double the other modules, I will need at least 60% for a Merit and 74% for a Distinction. Fingers crossed for at least the former! 

My main feedback was that I didn't explain all my points in enough detail. "Development", "further", "expand" etc. I think this is something I try to work on every assessment, but I end up trying to choose the best parts of the explanations when I cut my words down to meet the word count.