Life of Pi: The Musical (Review)

Another week, another show. This time Life of Pi. I actually didn't love the film the first time I watched it and I haven't read the book, but I heard great things about the show and so I booked to see it. The day before, I watched the film and ended up really enjoying it which was good. The show is currently touring the UK until the end of July so be sure to book tickets. 

The Life of Pi tells the story of an Indian family who wish to escape violence in their home country and move their zoo, with all their animals, across the ocean. Sadly, after a storm, the boat sinks and Pi is stranded on a lifeboat with four other survivors – a hyena, a zebra, an orangutan, and a Royal Bengal tiger. The story tells their epic journey. 
It's not a musical in the traditional sense as there is very little music in the production as a whole, instead the storytelling takes the centre and it really is epic. The music used throughout instead adds to the drama and the acting which is just superb. The most memorable part was at the end of the first act, which quite literally flew by, and it all of a sudden goes black and fits in with the show perfectly. I've never had an act end on a sudden cliff hanger. 

I honestly feel speechless when I think about this show. It really is phenomenal. There is incredible puppetry and one of the key character leads, literally is a constant tiger. They have three puppeteers for the tiger and they make him so real, you just forget about them and they become invisible. It's such a unique take on the show. The best scene is the zoo scene when they introduce all the animals and honestly it's magical. The flow, the choreography, the was beautiful. I wish I could see that scene over and over.  

The only part I would say is a little of a downside is that I was sat relatively close to the stage so I did miss out on some of lower or shorter animals that were on the floor. For instance, there was a scene with turtles swimming, so we couldn't see these until they got to the front of the stage. The only disappointment I had for the entire show was that they didn't have the island and meerkat scene. If you know, you know. 
Overall, this show is amazing. I cannot stress enough how much I would recommend this to anyone and everyone, although I do think it is one less suited to children and more so for an adult audience.