My Last Master's Module...Major Project!

I was really excited to be going into my last Master's module, not only because it was the last module of my education journey so far. I have genuinely enjoyed my studies so far, but it's also become quite draining. With daily life, poor mental health and working full time (plus doing extra shifts and overtime), it's a lot. Having to come home from work and concentrate on something else, never feeling like I can just sit back and relax, always having my mind running to something else in the background, it isn't easy. I'm honestly ready to finally be done. I can't say how much I appreciated my undergraduate programme having theory and practical modules completely separate. It is so much easier! 

Anyway, back to this module. The Major Project makes up the last module of my distance learning Masters and takes up the last 2 terms of the course, therefore is worth double the course points of 60 credits, and not 30. I was really excited to be able to do primary research on a topic I am really passionate about but the module lead has already emailed the cohort to recommend a literature search instead of primary research, due to the time constraints. This is a little disappointing but I'm trying to stay optimistic ahead of the first teaching day. 
It's also a 15,000 word dissertation which is by far the longest piece of writing I have ever done. I usually struggle to get under the word count for my assessments, so I am sure it will be no different this time round but nevertheless, it's a little scary to have such a large number. My biggest prior has been 5,000 words so triple by previous longest academic writing. 

Here we go...