Disney100: The Exhibition (Review)

I went to the Disney100 Exhibition back in November, when I took a trip to London. It was somewhat of a last minute add on but I was so excited when I saw it was on, so I made the trip over to the ExCel Centre to visit. In all honesty, I hadn't been there before so I was quite excited but I shouldn't have been. There wasn't very much there, despite the massive size and I walked the entire length back and forth twice. 

The show was originally stopping in December, then got extended to February and now has been extended again until the end of June. You would have thought that would mean it was amazing and incredible, and oh so popular. I can't deny it's popularity in general because I am sure they would only be able to keep extending multiple times if that was the case, but I can say that when I was, it was so incredibly quiet, there was times I had rooms to myself. 

Disney100: The Exhibition is the largest exhibition the Walt Disney Archives has ever created as it continues its European tour at London's ExCel to mark The Walt Disney Company's 100th anniversary on 16th October, 2023. The 20,000-square-foot exhibition, only 12-minutes from Central London on the Elizabeth Line, provides fans of all generations with the opportunity to immerse themselves and rediscover some of their favourite Disney stories in ten magnificent and imaginatively themed galleries. With moving stories, historical artefacts, original costumes and unique interactive installations, visitors can take a mesmerising, nostalgic and educational journey through 100 years of The Walt Disney Company.

The event showcases a series of rooms. The first introduces you to the concept and creation of the incredible world of Disney and I was excited. It felt magical and set up high expectations, when it all goes downhill. I thought it would be imaginative and full of love for all audiences, but children especially, but no. The rooms from then on are quite boring, lacklustre and minimal. There are a few memorabilia and props available to see, a range of different medium, but the majority of the exhibits are reading material. There were a few photo opportunities towards the end but the "immersive" experience was lost on me. The floor had so much blank space and walls were half empty. I would have loved it to be busy and crazy and mixed, but instead they created a uninspiring, organised and minimal gallery. 

Overall, it's one of the few shows and few Disney products that I haven't enjoyed. I personally, wouldn't recommend visiting and especially with children, it's slow and uninspiring and overall, I was really quite disappointed and let down.