150th Great Yorkshire Show 2018!

In my 22 years, I've missed 2 Great Yorkshire Show's. Last year I was lucky enough to go for all3 days but this year, just 1. What a special year, celebrating 160 years!

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Like every year, I try to go as much as possible. There was a short time, this year, when I thought I wouldn't get to go but amazingly, we had two SDL days in a row so I managed to get home and spend the first two days at the Great Yorkshire Show. A few years ago, I managed to go to all 3 days and I absolutely loved it! See all the vlogs from then here (Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3) or even watch a flashback video from 2014!
One of my favourite things about the GYS is all the animals. I love seeing their displays and them turned out for their competitions. The best thing is that the time of year means that many of the animals have babies because it's just after Spring...especially the cows!

My mum and I both love watched the horses in Showjumping. Up until a few years ago, we always came with my granddad and grandma and my "Pop-Pop" was a lover of horses so he used to watch for hours. I guess it's in our blood but I really miss watching it with him, most of all.

This year, they had the big band paired with an amazing singer. I'm not sure who she was but she was really talented.
I'm oddly obsessed with sheep shearing. Quite a few years ago now, we walked past and I was fascinated. Now that I'm able to be left alone - I was young, young at first - I can literally watch for hours. I just love watching all the techniques and manoeuvres and contrary to popular belief, it's not because I find the guys attractive. In actual fact, I'm much more intrigued by the women, especially Penny Bell who not only won all the female only events but also made it to the overall final! 
I don't often make it up to the top end of the show but I came across the cutest marque with all things Yorkshire. The bunting and decorations were so sweet and defintely Instagram-able.
People also, always ask me if it's just animals. No! I just happen to be obssessed with them far more. Traditionally, it started as a farmers show but it's become much more than that and now, 160 years later, there is everything. Food and crafts and cheese competitions. It's really a fun place for everyone.
I can't remember which year it was, but one year I love watching all the tree climbing. It's amazing how fast they can get up. They do other things too like carving and tree cutting but it's the speed of the climb that amazes me. Turns out, it was the first time one of the guys had done it competitively and he was so fast! 
I also love watching the horse shoeing. Unfortunately, it's always super busy and there isn't any seats so it can be a little painful to try and see for the whole competition, but nevertheless, I love it. I love watching the whole process so I try and stay for a full hour.
On Wednesday, we had to leave a little early as I had a train to catch back to Nottingham but on the Tuesday night we stayed until all the events finished and we were one of the last ones left. We did look for food before we left, but in the end most of the places were closed so instead we headed to a pub on the way back and it was so yummy. Funnily enough, it was also their Quiz night so as terrible as we were at ALL the questions, it was so much fun! When we came out, the prettiest sunset was waiting and it was the perfect end to the night!