Project Mc² Ultimate Spy Bag (Review)

Project Mc² is a Netflix Original TV show based on teenage spy McKeyla, who teams up with three other super-smart girls to become secret agents who use their science and tech skills to save the day. I love that the show stands for girls using their brains to do something good. It's such a great message for young girls and I'm more than happy for my niece to watch it!

The franchise have developed multiple unique gifts which closely resemble items used in the show itself. Today I'm reviewing one of their biggest products, the Project Mc² Ultimate Spy Bag which retails for £39.99 so it is quite a pricey item but makes the perfect birthday or even Christmas gift.
The product is made of really sturdy, thick and high quality plastic. It's hefty and quite chunky so it does have quite a bit of weight to it. It does long like a handbag on the outside, but it will be tricky to use in reality because of it's bulk. However, on the positive side, that means that it is going to last a long time!

There are so many special features included and it tries to link with the show in many of the designs. There is a magnifier hidden in a makeup compact, secret message launcher that looks like a lipstick, flashlight disguised as a nail polish bottle, air blower that looks like a perfume bottle, beakers and test tubes. There is a detailed fingerprinting kit which includes dusting powder, that can be used as shimmer makeup powder, and cards to collect fingerprints, but it doesn't always turn out perfectly. 

One of my favourite additions was the booklet with fun, secret agent experiments I loved that while the user can do creative, imaginative play, it also teaches kids to read instructions and follow them. This engages children in reading and really develops many skills. 
Of course, as the adult buying the present, one of the most important things to consider is batteries. Amazingly, this product comes with the 3 AG13 batteries so everything you need is included. 

I'm really happy with the product overall and I think it's got lots of different things inside which can keep little hands busy for hours. Personally, I still think it's quite expensive but I think if you can get for a sale price it will be good value for money. For fans of the show, it will be a definite yes for them! 

Do you have any girls in your family who would love this? I can't wait to give it to my niece for her birthday!

NB: The product was received for free in exchange for a full product review.