The Incredibles 2 (Review)

The Incredibles 2 is a film many of us have been waiting for years to be released. I remember going to the cinema to see the first and loving every second. It quickly became one of my firm favourites but it wasn't until a second was announced that I re-watched it and became obsessed all over again.

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It may be 14 years later for us but for the Parr family, the film picks up exactly where the last one finished. To the second. I loved it! I love that it starts exactly where the last one ended and it remains the exact same types of graphics and the same voices. Interestingly, it doesn't exactly show the story in the same way and instead it's from the perspective of Violet's love interest.
Since the first one was released, the superhero genre has now been massively over written but The Incredibles manages to keep it fresh with digital animation. I think this unique take on the craze is actually really refreshing and makes it all the more enjoyable.

While it's a story about family at heart, I really do love the focus on female power. For once, it's the mother of the family that's being portrayed as the breadwinner and there is a stay at home dad instead. This change of pace is really rewarding and I think it's an important message to send to young children who may be watching, but also a reminder to the adults.
Of course, given the fact so many over 18s were excited when this sequel was announced, the producers defintely utilised that. While I think it would be great for children, it's also amazingly funny with adult humour and comments scattered throughout. There were so many funny moments, it's hard to narrow down my favourite humorous line. I just think the whole script is seriously somewhat magical.
The storyline reminds of what everything things will one day happen...brain washing and controlling! In fact, I think of Frozen and all the children who have been obsessed since the day it was released. Here's hoping it never happens but it's an interesting concept.

Unfortunately, I do think that the villain was a massive disappointment. I think it was pretty obvious from fairly early on and it was very tiresome to see it play out. It relies too much on basic technology to make it interesting and it was never really built upon. In needed a background story building in more to make it more believable rather than such a random reasoning.
Honestly though, it wasn't the worse part. The film starts by displaying the most awkward and odd short in the history of shorts. Bao is a non-speech short showing basically a Chinese woman's infatuation with a dumpling. Yes you heard me right: a dumpling. But wait until you see the ending. It's heartbreaking and shocking, but I just looked at my friend and burst out laughing. It was utterly ridiculous and painful to watch. 
Of course, I can't write a review without mentioning the incredible baby that is. Jack-Jack is just as cute but this time he has powers and lots of them. One of my favourite scene was his action sequence. Every time he was on screen, it was just gold. Perhaps the third film could be The Incredibles: Jack-Jack Explores! Or something far more imaginative.
Overall, I absolutely loved the film. It's not quite as good of a plot as the first but the animation is perfect and humour is comedy gold. I can't wait for the sequel...but hopefully we don't have to wait 14 years this time!