Adrift (Review)

Adrift shares the true story about a couple who find love shortly before sailing directly into one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in recorded history. Click here to watch the trailer or see below. 
The film involves two of my favourite actors.  Shailene Woodley from the Divergent series and English, Sam Claflin from The Hunger Games and Me Before You. I thought their on screen chemistry was really sweet and cute. It wasn't powerful and hot, but it was the kind of relationship that seems more real and I felt it really kept the integrity of the film. 
I thought the effects especially with the storm was really good and I liked how the film was set off. The scenes were really well designed but nothing special. I found it really interesting watching how the main character survived, especially all about the method of direction and I thought it was incredibly innovative. 
As with all films that are based on true stories, the key word is based. To make films more interesting and entertaining, writers tend to expand of the details just a little and one way the film makers did this was with the hallucinations. I found an interesting article comparing the film to reality which was actually really enlightening. I didn't know anything about the true story so I was really shocked when the truth came out and also sad.
Given the nature of the story, it's something that would normally make me cry which is why I know I wasn't invested in the story at all. I wasn't emotionally connected to the characters and I actually found it quite boring. I don't think it was all that entertaining and despite trying to keep the tension and engagement with the individuals, it just lacked real connection to the story.

I felt the ending really didn't do it any justice at all and it just fell, lacklustre. I really wanted to love it but I didn't.

Have you watched Adrift? What did you think?