Wingz (Review)

Wingz is a company I came across very recently and I fell in love with the concept. They are not a bra or lingerie, but they aren’t a top or outerwear either. The product is simple. It's a piece of fabric, that has a band which goes under your bust. With a variety of sleeve lengths, you can select the perfect type for you: capped, half and full-length.

Apparently, it can seem a little bit confusing on how to put them on at first so have a little watch on this video if you're confused but I think they are a really clever and unique product but very simply and easy. You simply put on over your bra but underneath your top.

It can turn any sleeveless top or dress into a great choice for so many reasons. Many women feel uncomfortable showing the tops of their arms, whether that be because of fat, the jiggle of "bingo-wings" or the fact they have uncomfortable marks. I have a number of friends and family members who prefer not to show their upper arms, including my mother and one of my flatmates.

With so many different colours and fabrics to choose from, there's bound to be one that is appropriate for you. For example, my mother struggled to find a wedding dress she was comfortable in so she's ended up buying a shawl jacket type thing to go with the dress but realistically the white lace options would have been perfect.

When I was deciding which to select, I tried to go for one that would be utilised the most but I also had a specific outfit I had in mind, which I would prefer had sleeves. Of course, that meant black! I ended up choosing the Black Half Length Fitted Stretch Wingz in Size 1 and I think the sizing guide was quite accurate so defintely utilise it. They try to fit as many people as possible by being inclusive of sizes from UK 6 to 28, US 4 to 26 or Euro 34 to 56. Oh, and a side note...they deliver worldwide!

I was actually quite torn between this one and the Black Cowl Viscose Sleeve Wingz because from the pictures and descriptions they seemed quite similar to me but I have to say, the customer service team were amazing. They allowed me to ask questions and guided me towards the right selection for me by explaining that the Cowl Wingz are a looser style with extra fabric at the top of the arm, while the Stretch (their most popular) are closer fitting so fit under pretty much any style top.
Upon trying on the Wingz, I did find them quite comfortable but obviously, you are adding an extra layer of fabric around the bust area which takes a little while to get used to. I'm not sure if it's the way I wore them, but I also found them to not be the best fit in the size, the band kept riding up a little. I ended up tucking the bottom on the band underneath my bra which worked great, but perhaps I was wearing it wrong.

I've mentioned that the product may have been made for specific people in mind but I also think it's great for people who want to wear modest clothing. All too often nowadays, clothes are skimpy and show a lot of skin, which some people aren't comfortable with. I love that these are affordable which means that you can afford to get the different types and find the perfect one for you without breaking the bank. But that doesn't mean they feel cheap. I was surprisingly impressed with the quality of the material, making these are much more accessible option, instead of modifying outfits by adding material to specific items at a dressmakers.

Overall, I love the product and I think it's such an amazing and empowering product for so many individuals. If you prefer to hide your arms, or just the top parts, defintely try to 

Please note: I recently received this item in exchange for an honest review.