Last Week of Placement, Emotions and Laughter!

So many emotions this week! Laughter, anger, sadness and joy! 
Click here to watch the vlog or see the video below. 
As I came into the flat from a 5-day trip travelling the country, I returned to a fly infestation. It was all fun and games until anyone wanted to use the bin. Long story short, but I took the bins out just before I left and so I refused to take them out again as I hadn't been here. Maybe petty but by this point it was the simple ethics of it.

Anyway, Clare was hilarious when she found a video article online saying flies were common in house plants so she decided at 11pm at night to get rid of ALL the house plants. I'm sure to most people she looked like a mad woman but I thought it was hilarious and given the fact I'd had a disaster with the washing machines - AGAIN! - I was fuming.

To top the night off, I dropped my glass all over my bedroom carpet. Luckily, it was empty but still, it was the first thing I'd broken in 4 years!
A few days later, Sam cheered me up by returning from home and we got Dominoes but shock of the day when she went to get them! Can you believe what we saw?! I'm not having any spoilers so go watch the vlog!
Of course, there was all the emotions of leaving placement but the last shift was absolutely amazing and the most perfect last shift. Back to theory was not fun and there ended up being just Sam and I in the flat for the weekend so with Vicki and Bridget we decided to head out for a nice civilised night out to some bars. It was a lot of fun because it was my sort of quiet night but not the others unfortunately. 

This post is actually spread over about 3 weeks because I made separate vlogs for Wimbledon and the Great Yorkshire Show so these are all the little "extra" clips.