Wimbledon 2018!

I love going to Wimbledon and it has become an annual tradition. A slightly stressful start to the day but a lovely day out, with beautiful weather. 
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In all honesty, the day started out pretty stressful and it was a very hectic couple of hours. I woke up in my old bedroom which felt so strange and it didn't feel like mine, which it always had before. I got ready for the day and loved taking my lip pictures of the day in front of the wall of mirrors. Hello perfect lighting! Then I left and guess what...I got trapped in the life for almost 40 minutes! I am quite chlostrophobic but luckily, only one I feel trapped by people and I had the whole life to myself. Luckily, someone answered the call quite quickly and I ended up catching an Uber down to pick up my mum from Kings Cross Station.
Mum's trains ended up being not only the pre-announced half an hour later but a further 20 minutes later, over the train line delay and then she got lost. I was pretty furious on the phone as she couldn't find M+S...where we had met every time for the previous 3 years. Ooo she's trouble. She'd also meant to bring food with her so we then spent another half an hour looking for a picnic. Once we were finally about to set off, she'd picked a hotel that was in the middle of absolutely nowhere and it was going to take over 2 hours by public transport so we decided to take an Uber which was going to be costly but only took 50 minutes. 

In the end, it did take almost an hour but at least it was quite peaceful. Except for the run in with the cyclist which resulted in a heck of a lot of foul language! I think I even managed to doze off which is incredibly rare for me. I can only force myself to follow asleep outside of my bed if I have a headache; by this point, I did.

When we finally arrived at the hotel, it did actually look like a really nice area and the bathroom was gorgeous but we quickly dropped off our suitcases and then called another Uber and we arrived at Wimbledon at 12.45pm, just in time for the first match on centre court. I love watching the outside courts as well, but unfortunately we didn't get there in time but if you go, I would defintely recommend aiming to get there for 10.30am so you can make the most out of your ticket. 

We always tend to get a similar seat with Centre Court, towards the centre and in the corner to the left of the royal box. I actually love it because although it would be nice to be closer, it means we're protected by the roof from the sun which was super hot! 
First match of the day was Federer vs Lajovic. It was surprisingly a good match and much slower in pace compared to Federer's normal matches so I finally got some decent shots of him! 

Then it moved on to the ladies match in Wozniaki vs Lepchenko. I say it every year, but it's just so slow and boring to watch a ladies match just after watching a men's singles match. They are much slower in pace so it's actually quite a hard watch.
The last centre court match scheduled was Wawrinka vs Dimtrov. With Wawrinka being the underdog, both mum and I were rooting for him but as soon as he started winning, the whole audience got behind him and I felt so bad for Dimtrov. In the end it was an incredible match and a great watch.

With the matches on Centre Court finishing up in a timely manner, we got to catch the last 2 sets between Bedene vs Norrie. Cameron being GBR had almost everyone behind him and the atmosphere was electric. It's always special to have someone on your team playing and it was defintely worth the 20 minute queue to get a seat!
Finally, with just 2 games left in play, we walked a few steps down to see Sabalenka vs Buzarnescu fight a super close match. It was reaching the end of the day and I was almost worried it would go over into the next day but just before 10pm, it finished with the lovely sun setting. Having never heard of Buzarnescu, I was hoping for Sabalenka but with all the strapping she had on her arm, I defintely wasn't expecting her to win!
As we left the grounds, we decided to walk directly into Wimbledon village. Mum loves walking around the tennis displays and if you haven't been before, they are really special but they do just reuse them year-on-year which makes it a little repetitive. With food the last thing on our minds all day, we were starving, so we went into the cutest restaurant/pub and had the most amazing meal! Yum!
The following morning, after having a few issues with the hotel room, I woke up to a mum who had disappeared, when I looked at the clock, I had just 15 minutes before our planned breakfast so I go dressed as fast as I humanly could - within reason because I had to have a shower, do my hair and makeup ect. - and made it to breakfast with 10 minutes left.

In reception, they had this display and with such a great cause, I had to support it.
Since I'd rushed a little in the morning, I hadn't put on any lip colour and when I'm on my period, I don't like to where a dress so I switched my outfit a little and went for Fly Girl.
We decided to take the day a little easy so we walked across the road and went shopping and to the cinema. It was another beautiful day so it was strange to be inside, but I think we both needed the break. In the end we saw Adrift and I'm sorry but I hated it. I wanted to love it but didn't!

It wasn't long before we had to catch another Uber (I'm clearly trying to keep the company in business, single-handed) and then a couple of tubes to Kings Cross for our trains back.
We made it in great timing and I even grabbed something to eat from Pret but with 10 minutes before the train, I couldn't see my train on the board. Well, I quickly looked at the ticket and then raced over to the other side of the road because it turns out Nottingham trains go from St Pancreas! I totally panicked and didn't really get the chance to say goodbye to mum but at least I made the train.
It was a pleasant journey home and I spent the rest of the evening winding down watching more Wimbledon tennis, cheering on our players and getting back into the mindset for placement.