My Covid Positive Experience (Part Two)

Just when I thought I was free, it got worse. I'd planned for a 5 day isolation and sadly, it turned it 11 days. I ended the last post with a very optimistic positive mood, and then sadly I had my first positive lateral flow test on day 5. It was heart-breaking and I was absolutely gutted. 

I took a lateral flow on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday and they were all negative. I assumed they were going to remain negative so never really expected it to turn positive. I was doing it more as a precaution prior to out anniversary date. I took the test, literally turned around to start my timer and then by the time I turned back around to put my phone next to the test, it was already positive before the fluid has even reached the top of the test paper. 

Thankfully, my headache had gone and the cold was actually much improving. We obviously cancelled the date, but I still did another test. The same thing happened again, although this time the test line went much darker. The same thing happened the next 4 days. Despite staying positive, I actually felt so much better. By the Tuesday, I had zero symptoms and felt 100% fine. 

Isolation, being stuck alone in the house and endless television cause I had no motivation to do anything else, was pretty much my week. Of course, the week I have so many plans is when I get it. I didn’t get to see family for the first time in over a month and I had to spend my anniversary alone…again.

I’m not one to talk about maternity serviced directly on here very often, but I’m sure you’ve heard maternity services are stretched at the moment. We’re already incredibly short staffed and now with Covid-19 on the rise again, staff sickness is making it so much worse. I feel so guilty for having to say I can’t come to work and calling in sick. I feel awful that I can’t pick up extras at the moment. 

Be careful, be vigilant and if you have symptoms, isolate.