Newstead Abbey, Spring Snow and Covid Positive!

From sunny weather and lovely day trips, to snow in Spring and testing positive for Covid-19. What an eventful week! 

Click here for the vlog or watch below. 

The weather on my few days off was beautiful. I ended up shaving and getting a full refresh, before putting my first dress on of the year. It was lovely. I had so many things to do around the house, mainly cleaning, but with the weather being so nice, instead I headed outside, sunbathed a little and read a book. I miss reading but in all honesty, when I'm exhausted, the last thing I want to do is to have to concentrate on words on a page. Often, they all just end in a jumble. 

I had called Luke to come over because there was a GIANT spider in my bedroom, but he refused. I ended up vacuuming it up but it was still alive and crawling around in the container. 

The next evening, Luke was over. He made a delicious English breakfast with a bacon sandwich and scrambled eggs for myself. It is always so much nicer when someone else makes the food! Luke had been wanting to go to Newstead Abbey for a while but our days off have been on opposite schedules recently, with me working a lot of weekends or nights at the moment. 

It looked like we picked a great day because once again the weather was lovely. I paired my long short jeans with a cute cami and flip flops. I had planned to switch to trainers but changed my mind when we arrived and it was so dry. The abbey was lovely. We didn't go inside because it's an additional £10 per person, but we walked around the whole of it and managed to see a lot of the detailed ruins up close. 

We also went around the grounds. It's split into multiple gardens and whilst they aren't as epic as some other houses and gardens I've been to, they were lovely. I quite liked how they were small and quaint. Each was separated and unique. My favourites were the water feature garden, especially with the beautiful white blossom type tree, and the topiary garden too.

I think Luke could have stayed there longer but I think it would be more fun with children or others, because it was a bit boring otherwise. They had some other water features, and the lake prior to the abbey also, plus a children's play area. We did call in at the cafe before we left and I have to say, both the chocolate orange brownie and the jammy dodger blondie were truly amazing! 

We called in at some shops on the way back. I'm looking at kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes at the moment for the new house, so we call at B&Q and Wren's too. I had initially got a quote for Sharps to have some fitting wardrobes in built in the master bedroom, but I think given the expense, I'm leaning more so towards a modular design. Potentially with B&Q but I also like the look of the Ikea furniture. Afterwards, we had a mini roast dinner at home, and curled up on the sofa to watch a film. It was an almost perfect day. 

I then worked the Sunday and Monday, before getting a headache on Tuesday and Wednesday which literally forced me to stay in bed and sleep all day. It was one of the most painful headaches I have had in a long time, making it even difficult to sleep because my scalp was so sore. I ended up calling in sick to work and then not long after, I started to get a bit of a sore throat. I initially put it down to talking for the first time in 2 days, but then thought I best book a Covid-19 PCR. 

My lateral flow test had been negative the night before and the morning, but after driving to the test centre and getting my result less than 12 hours later, I unfortunately tested positive. I am currently isolating at home for another couple of days. Even though national rules have relaxed, it doesn't quite feel right to go out and about still. Plus, I'm still feeling a little under the weather. The most shocking part of the whole thing was that the weather completely changed from glorious 18 degrees 3 days before, to snow and 4 degrees!