Simply Cook (Review)

It's been 5 years since I last tried Simply Cook and I'm so excited I gave it another go. The London founded company is a subscription-based recipe box service. The company provides a monthly box containing four recipes and four non-perishable ingredient kits that are then added to fresh ingredients which are self-purchased. 

I placed the order and the box was delivered in less than a week. It was fast, quick and efficient. One of the benefits is that they are the perfect letterbox size, so you don't need to be home to receive the delivery. 

On opening the box, there were a number of items on top. There was first an envelope containing multiple advertisements for different companies. There was also a great leaflet on Simply Cook and explaining the process. This introduced me to the app which meant everything was in one place, from recipes to ingredients and more. 
There was also the four meal recipe cards. I chose these myself from a list of lots of different choices when ordering the box. These are very similar to other meal subscription boxes, however much simpler in a way. The step-by-step instructions on the back don't have images to follow, however this is where the app comes in handy. The cards are sturdy and high quality. My personal favourite part is that they have a tear off ingredients list which you can take to the supermarket when you do shopping. 
The main thing in the box is obviously the seasoning. Each meal is colour coded and stored in it's own recipe box. Inside, each has three pots. These vary from herbs and spices, pastes and stocks and sauces too. I was quite surprised at the variety! I love how these are organised and stored. It makes it fun and whilst it does have a little more waste than is ideal, it's limited and all recyclable. 
Overall, I love these little kits and the meal ease. One of the great benefits of the Simply Cook subscription is that the items don't go out of stock as quickly. Most of mine are "Best before" November. They also give you the flexibility to adjust the recipes to your own likes and dislikes, switching ingredients if needed, whilst still giving you the opportunity to try new meals and discover new favourites. 

If you want to try Simply Cook for yourself, you can get your first box for free, just pay postage. I plan to share the meals at some point, but if you watch the vlogs, you'll know that I also just got a Gousto delivery and then I've been travelling!