Pamper Day, Anniversary Redo and Comedy Club!

After almost 2 weeks in isolation, followed by 2 long nights at work, I finally saw friends and family. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

I escaped my Covid-19 quarantining isolation with thankfully two negative lateral flow tests. I started with two night shifts on the postnatal ward and then straight after the second, I headed back to Wakefield. I've never driven that far afterwards and it was a little bit of a struggle towards the end but I was actually so grateful I did it that way round. I ended up being able to say goodbye to mum before she headed off on holiday, said hello to grandma and Floki, then enjoyed a McDonald's breakfast before going to sleep for a few hours. 

When I woke up, grandma was telling me how her and Floki had had a stare off at the top and bottom of the stairs. She couldn't go up and he couldn't come down, I was asleep and Jess was at work so she had to wait for 30 minutes for Uncle J to get there which made me laugh so much. I took him out for a little play outside and he was so cute. I can't believe next time I go to Wakefield, he will be joined by his little sister, Freya. Freya will be a little older at 14 weeks when they get her, but apparently she is very pretty and super dainty. 

The next day was my pamper day. I had a hair appointment, followed by a nails appointment. I was impressed with the price of my hair at £38, but after a in depth conversation about not brushing out the curls, the hair dresser did anyway which was frustrating. I then went straight to my nails appointment. I had a simple Shellac manicure and pedicure, plus a callus foot peel. I was literally there for 45 mins and it was almost £80...and the callus foot peel didn't do much! Of course, I forgot to take pictures but I did do a little TikTok. I go through phases of doing lots of TikToks and then not doing any for a while. 
Then we went to Portugal. The holiday vlog is going live a week today, so be sure to stay tuned for that! When we got back, we unpacked and chilled for a little before heading to the cinema to watch The Lost City and then having tea at Chiquito's. I was craving the garlic tortilla! 

The next day was are anniversary re-do. We headed the The Glee Club for a comedy night. I had originally booked it for 2 weeks earlier, but had to pay to change it when I was isolating with covid-19. In all honesty, I really enjoyed it and luckily we weren't picked on despite being practically in the front row! We had tea whilst we were there which not many people did but it was pre-booked with a discount. I really enjoyed the host and the second act, who despite coming out swearing and making me cringe, did settle down and was hilarious. The first act was okay and the last act was horrendous. It was just not funny to be at all and it kind of somewhat ruined the show for me. 
Overall, a busy couple of weeks! Make sure to keep an eye out for all the holiday posts soon!