Your Guide to a Day Trip to: Clwyd

Just like last week's post, this is another featuring a Welsh county. Clwyd is the next county up from Powys, at the North side of Wales. 

1. Admire Conwy Castle. Conwy, is a walled market town and community in the country. There is so much to do there, starting with the castle. It's truly beautiful up close, but you do need to book in advance for access inside!

2. Walk the town walls. These are lovely to walk around and it's amazing to see both the ruins and the town from the high vantage point. 

3. Watch the boats from the pier. It's small but fully functional. I like you can watch the entire place as well, as you can see the land on the other side also. 

4. Visit the world's smallest house. It is reputed to be smallest house in the United Kingdom and is truly tiny. It has multiple rooms and floors but the entire height is about 9ft (at a guess!). 

5. Bury your feet at the beach. This was the only thing I really wanted to do on holiday and there were three (and more!) gorgeous beaches nearby. I loved both Colwyn Bay Beach and Conwy Morfa Beach, but my favourite was Rhos-on-Sea Beach. 

6. Trek down to Conwy Falls. Moving a little further away, this is a truly beautiful walk and so close to Snowdonia itself. 

7. Explore Betws-y-Coed. This is one of my favourite villages because it was where we travelled to for my entire childhood. We used to stay in the BnB next to the Chinese restaurant. You can walk through the village, enjoy some yummy food and pastries and then take a scenic walk down the river. 

8. Climb Snowdon! You can't have a trip to Wales for the first time without a climb up the country's tallest mountain. If you're not the fittest, you can of course get the little train up also. I need to get fitter to climb it myself, because the last time I made it to the top was 2007! 

9. Adventure to "Go Below Underground Adventures". This is something I haven't personally managed to do just yet, but I would love to take my own children at some point. It looks amazing!

What else do you recommend in Clwyd? Let me know in the comments below!