Your Guide to a Day Trip to: Powys

I know so far this series, I've been writing about city guides. Well, I couldn't leave Wales out of the series but I feel like I don't have enough to do in a single city as Wales is quite sparse in some areas, so instead I'm going to do a county wide guide to Powys. Powys is the largest county in Wales and named after the Kingdom of Powys which was a Welsh successor state. 

1. Explore Powys Castle. Here there is a castle ang gardens, set in a huge acreage of land. You'll find lots of wildlife including deer! You have access to the castle courtyard for free, then the castle and gardens are an additional cost. I actually really like the gardens and they are super unique because they are set within a hill. 

2. Stroll down the canal. You can't go to Powys without a gentle trip down the canal. They are reopening more and more each year, and they are well maintained...even if I am a little bias because my dad is part of the biggest volunteer group to maintain them with the Canal Trust. 

3. Visit Lake Vyrnwy. Considered Wales’ most beautiful lake and located just a short drive from the Shropshire border, it is ideal for many as it is quite a flat route and well maintained. 

4. Trek to the waterfall. Rhiwargor Waterfall is a beautiful easy valley floor walk around the back side of the lake. It's always quiet, so you can be at one with nature in peace. 

5. Walk around the Welsh Sculpture Park. Following on, this is also on Lake Vyrnwy. In all honesty, this was a massive let down when I first saw it. It's a lovely ground but the sculptures are old and deteriorating. You can view the massive dam from the lake above though. 

6. Admire Pistyll Rhaedr. This waterfall is hidden down a single track lane that I would personally never drive down, but there is a small car park and hidden bays along the route. It is truly beautiful from ever vantage point and every season. Plus, it's Britain's tallest single-drop waterfall. 

7. Enjoy a garden centre. Whenever I visit my dad, the trip is not complete without afternoon cake at a garden centre. There a couple we regularly visit, but my favourite is Derwen Garden Centre.

8. Relax around Lake Cole Mere. This is a very hidden lake and I'm so glad my dad knew about it. I loved it. It has an easy gentle walk, with open land and a forest, plus water sports area too. 

9. Trip on the steam railway. If you have a little more time, the Welshpool and Llanfair Railway is a lovely short day trip. It's a return journey, with a number of short stops along the way and it truly takes you back in time. 

10. See the Lime Kilns. I have looked and looked but I can't remember the name of these lime kilns. Apparently it's the largest surviving lime kiln in the UK. Of course, it's no longer working but it's interesting to observe. 

11. Climb Llanymynech Rocks Nature Reserve. This is a little unknown nature reserve with so many paths and some truly beautiful and pristine views at the top. 

Is there anything you like to do in Powys? Let me know in the comments below. Stay tuned for next week's county.