Bloom & Wild: April 2023 (Review)

I am obsessed with this Christmas present that keeps giving. My dad is an avid gardener and he noticed these for the first time and even her was quite impressed. This month, I got the "Our Florist's Pick" bouquet. 

The bouquet changes each month and is especially designed by Bloom & Wild's unique florists for a limited-edition bouquets. Especially for springtime, this one is filled with ombre orange tulips and the brightest roses. It doesn't get more seasonal. There are 20 stems including roses, september, freesias, bupleurum and tulips.
Unlike their other bouquet's and my previous orders, I was a little disappointed with the longevity of this bouquet so I have now replaced the tulips with some £2 store bought additions. They did state that rpring bloomers such as tulips, hyacinths or daffodils naturally have a slightly shorter lifespan and therefore bloom for around 5 days, so it was somewhat expected, but nevertheless not quite as nice having them for less time! 

As always, you can get your own bouquets or send one to a friend as a gift using my unique link here. Also, if you want to see my other months of flowers, just search for the posts!