Utility Renovation: New Internal Doors Downstairs

Since looking at the house back in February 2022, I knew I really did not like the doors downstairs. It wasn't so much the doors themselves, but the handles, the fact that they didn't fit the door frames, the latches didn't align and this mismatch. I knew that when I planned on completing the utility room renovation, there was going to be 4 different doors within a small one meter squared space. I just didn't love the idea of that and since I needed to buy at least one new door, I thought I would look  at doing them all at the same time. 
When I was originally quoted, I was a little shocked at the cost. I hadn't expected it to be so much so I looked at a few other companies. In the end, when I totalled the cost of the doors, hinges, latches, handles and locks, it was only slightly cheaper to pay to buy and fit myself which would be a faff, so I pulled the trigger and decided to pay for the complete package. 

The joiner I booked had loads of availability and came to fit the doors within 2 weeks of booking. He arrived on time and fitted the doors on time. I did ask for a few alterations as a couple of the doors were catching which he didn't seem to pick up on, but he was thankful for the thoroughness so that he didn't need to return at a later date. I was a little worried when he first arrived with a normal car, pulling an open trailer with the doors inside, but I had nothing to worry about. 

He kindly took the old doors and hinges off completely, without an added cost which most seemed to add on. He also fitted the door frame and architrave in the newly made door frame. The only negative and complaint I had was that he didn't tidy up after himself. He left the rooms filled with dust and sawdust and wood chippings, which was a little annoying but not the complete end of the world. Also, there was pencil marks left on the newly painted door frames and new doors. 

I am completely in love with all the doors. They are the dream doors I originally wanted and fit to perfection. I love the ergonomic door handles and the clean look. They did come pre-finished so I had to purchase the door oil and brush. I did love the look of them without the oil but decided to still do it out of protection.