Pool Party, Steel Drums and Shark Encounter! / Jamaica 2023

A girls trip holiday to Jamaica to celebrate my mum’s 60th birthday! Part 2 is day 5 and 6. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

Day 5: Pool Party, Steakhouse Success and Steel Drums 
I decided to finally take my camera in to the meals to show what the food was really like and even looking back at the pictures it looks delicious. 

Wednesday was the foam pool party. Mum and Jess had gone on a beach walk in the morning so missed the start of it, but mum came back to join in with me when they got back. It was fun, although I was a little sad aqua aerobics was cancelled because of it. 

I went on a beach walk by myself a little later on in the afternoon, before heading to bingo before getting ready for dinner. Bingo is usually played on the phone, but with the wifi a little intermittent, we used cards instead and I think I actually prefer it. It’s a shame so many aspects of life are being forced to go digital when it’s really not necessary. 

Jess doesn’t really swim or read, so find sunbathing quite boring unless she’s asleep. She goes back to the room around 4 anyway, so she started getting ready early in an effort to finally make it to the Steakhouse. She started queuing at 5.15pm when the restaurant doesn’t even open until 6.30pm. Mum joined her shortly afterwards and they were finally successful! 

Admittedly, the food was delicious. The beach restaurant setting was beautiful, the table service was great and everything bar the starter was spot on. I personally wouldn’t queue for 2 hours again, but mum and Jess thought it was definitely worth it. 
The show consisted of some dancing to begin with which were great. Again, Jess didn’t stay to watch, as she went to bed early. After, they had the Silver Birds, a steel drum band play for an hour. I was exhausted and really thought I’d go after a couple of songs but they were incredible. It was weirdly moving and I even shed a few tears. They somehow made the drums sing and not only did they play modern pop songs that were instantly recognisable, but they also danced…dayyyynnnnccceeddd! I fell in love with the one girl at the back as she sung every song; you couldn’t hear her, but you could see her mouthing the words and the energy was contagious. 
Day 6: Sea Sharks, Italian Restaurant and Michael Jackson 
It was a very peaceful - not - morning by the main pool. After lunch, we switched over to the other pool on the resort. Again, it’s an adult only one, known as a “quiet” pool. It’s actually really nice to do laps in and even has sunbeds in the water itself. The only downside is it gets quite shaded as it’s surrounded by the accommodation, and there isn’t any bars nearby. 
Jess preferred the beach, so we went to join her for a short time. Whilst I went swimming, she did finally get convinced to come into the sea, albeit only paddling. She wouldn’t go further than waist height but it was better than nothing. The swim had to be cut a little short as we ended up seeing sharks! There were two relatively small ones right by the coastline. Most people seemed to stay in the water with them, but I didn’t particularly want to take that chance. I did go back and take some videos but ankle height water next to them was plenty deep enough. 

For the evening, we went to the last of the specialty restaurants which was the Italian named “Luigi”. The staff there were appalling to be honest and it was quite disappointing. We did have to wait for a table, but only for 30 minutes which wasn’t too bad. 
The food itself was delicious. For starter and dessert they had a buffet style selection, with basic pasta, pizza and salad dishes. For the main, it was by order and I got chicken Milanese pasta which was delicious. I ate up every single bite. 

For the evening entertainment, it was a Michael Jackson tribute act. As we got there quite late, the table options available were limited. We ended up sitting fairly close but on a side viewpoint which blocked some of the dancers in parts. I think they ended up getting an outside act in because I didn’t recognise the cash much. Jess and mum were quite impressed and whilst I thought some songs and dances were good, I didn’t even recognise some of them, but then again I’m not a huge Michael Jackson fan. Also, something about the main man himself gave me the ick. Sorry!